Paul Gosar Calls Biden's Foreign Policy Weak, Says Biden is Funding Hamas

Paul Gosar Calls Biden's Foreign Policy Weak, Says Biden is Funding Hamas

The congressman sat down with Cactus Politics to discuss Biden's foreign policy

Christian Pitten
Christian Pitten
January 22, 2024

Rep. Paul Gosar (R), who represents Arizona’s 9th district, told Cactus Politics that President Biden’s foreign policy is “really weak.”

Rep. Gosar explained that there have been numerous occasions where men and women in the United States military have been put in harm's way across the globe. He insists that Biden has shown little to no response. 

“The number is up to 70 incidents against American citizens… that have been attacked… and [Joe Biden] didn’t respond. That shows weakness," said Rep. Gosar.

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The Arizona congressman condemned Biden on his foreign policy relating to the Middle East. Gosar highlighted that “Israel has a right to defend itself.” He added that the current administration’s actions have been “weak all the way across the board.” 

Gosar noted how the violence and turmoil that we’re seeing in the Middle East would have been prevented given Donald Trump was still president.

“Would this have happened under Donald Trump? No, they were doing business deals,” Gosar said, alluding to the unprecedented Abraham accords that were created under the Trump administration.

According to Gosar, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would also not have happened under a Trump presidency. Going further, the congressman proclaimed that the United States, under Biden’s leadership, created an opportunity for Putin to invade neighboring Ukraine.

“Did we not create the monster called Putin? Isn’t it our ineptness that we created the problem like in Libia, Afghanistan, [and] Iraq," Gosar added.

Gosar juxtaposed Trump with Biden when it came to how both presidents handled foreign aid to Iran. Trump, as stated by the congressman, put sanctions on Iran’s oil and gas. He explained that this “stopped tens of millions of dollars going to Hamas.” On the other hand, Gosar mentioned that Biden funded Iran, which resulted in the U.S. indirectly funding Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

“Joe Biden allowed them to make 70 billion dollars last year from their oil,” he said.


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