Is The Election Really

Is The Election Really "Rigged"

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 19, 2016

Both Republicans and Democrats  have managed to make this general election cycle into more of a three-ring circus than an actual campaign.

Republican have historically blame liberal special interest groups, like ACORN and, as well as the Democratic Party of “rigging” elections.

Democrats have helped Republicans make their case with the numerous instances where individuals identified as pro-

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

Democratic Party have been caught engaging in some form of voter intimidation or fraud.

This is a known fact that Democrats can’t get around.

Liberal groups also like to accuse Republicans of voter suppression for demanding that voters  present a valid form of identification, and whenever elections officials look to shorten early voting times and hours.

Enter Donald Trump.

The GOP’s presidential nominee has been saying that this election cycle is no different from past elections, stating that Democrats have “rigged” it.

Trump is sticking by his claims, even as Republicans like Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Arizona GOP officials disagree with his election rigging assertion.

“The Donald has even come out and poked at his fellow Republicans for doubting his “rigged” claim.

One of Trump’s biggest supporters in Arizona, former Gov. Jan Brewer (R), also disagrees that the election is rigged, saying that this “absolutely” cannot happen in Arizona.

As the former Secretary of State for Arizona, Brewer was tasked to oversee elections. So, she may know a thing or two about how the process works.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres is a nationally renowned award-winning political journalist and Publisher of,,, and He enjoys traveling, playing soccer, mixed martial arts, weight-lifting, swimming, and biking. Javier is also a political consultant and has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Follow on Twitter: @JavManjarres Email him at

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