Palm Beach Post Rejects Anti-Gillum Paid Advertising

Palm Beach Post Rejects Anti-Gillum Paid Advertising

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 23, 2018

The Palm Beach Post, which endorsed Andrew Gillum for Governor, has rejected an anti-Gillum advertisement.

In a notice, it was reported that the Palm Beach Post rejected a DeSantis advertisement from Tom Trento of United West.

In response, United West will be unveiling the advertisement as they protest the Palm Beach Post. Several Florida leaders and activists will be involved, and they will speak on the advertisement that highlighted Mayor Gillum’s destructive policies.

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An outline of the events that occurred detail that the advertisement was submitted to Publisher Timothy Burke’s approval at a payment of $6, 541.53. The advertisement was then not only rejected for unacceptable content about Andrew Gillum, but the amount was also increased to $11,436.41.

United West asked why the cost increased, and the Post only responded that it was because it was a “state-wide” advertisement. When asked to explain what that meant, the Post provided no response.

The notice explains that “When TUW pushed for corporate guidelines that could enable us to cure the Publisher’s opposition to our expose’ of Andrew Gillum, Vice President Stephen Asher finally explained that the Post can’t direct political copy, has no guidelines and that our advertisement is NOT acceptable by Publisher Burke.”

It’s then detailed that “three days after TUW asked why Publisher Burke rejected our political copy and what guidelines we need to follow, we were told that our political paid advertisement does not measure up to the minimum standards for honoring the Post’s responsibility to their readers.”

Ultimately, United West asserts that “As a result of the subjective, incoherent interaction with several Palm Beach Post officials, including Publisher Timothy Burke, TUW has no option but to conclude that the Palm Beach Post, who endorsed Andrew Gillum, demonstrated political bias and acted as a political arm of the Gillum gubernatorial campaign, and NOT as an unbiased arm of the media.”

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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