Kelli Ward Holds Out-of-State Fundraisers

Kelli Ward Holds Out-of-State Fundraisers

Joel Andres Frewa
Joel Andres Frewa
December 2, 2016

It has become common place for Conservative candidates to raise money from out-of-state donors, especially in high profile races like the ones Kelli Ward has chosen to enter. However, last go round against John McCain she was beat up pretty hard for it by pro-McCain blogs and PACs. So will it become a problem now that she's doing it again in her race against Jeff Flake?

Earlier this morning Ward held a breakfast event at the swanky Joule Hotel in Dallas with a "suggested contribution" price of $1000, and will host a second event in Houston later tonight at the Cadillac Bar boasting the same contribution suggestion. The fundraisers are reportedly being hosted by Christopher Ekstrom from Dallas, an early Ward supporters who spent some monies in her race against McCain.

High profile races atract national attention, yet Ward was beat up very hashly by pro McCain forces for what has become common place in American politics. John McCain himself has raised money from out-of-state donors, and we can assume Jeff Flake has as well. The pro McCain blog Politics Arizona hit Ward on this as early as 2015:

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

State Senator Kelli Ward is in a similar situation. Ward’s FEC reports indicate that 52% of her donors are from out-of-state, and 62% of her total donations come from outside contributors. Kelli Ward claims to be the voice of the people of Arizona, yet most of her financial support comes from outside Arizona. Ward claims that she wants to stop the ‘Washington Cartel’, yet she takes money from them.

Its time for these candidates to start telling the truth, not falsehoods that the voters want to hear. Enough political games, it is time to govern.

It is very early in the 2018 cycle, and her paperwork for 2018 is not yet filed with the FEC, so these fundraisers bring up the question: Is she raising funds for 2018, or to retire the outstanding debt (about $115,000) from the 2016 campaign? Either way there is nothing illegal or unethical about it, yet Jeff Flake will surely take advantage of it even if he's done it himself.

Cactus Politics reached out to Kelli Ward for comment, but received no response as of yet.

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Joel Andres Frewa

Joel Andres Frewa

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