Gosar Rips Biden Administration on Handling of Border, Calls For Military Intervention With Drug Cartels

Gosar Rips Biden Administration on Handling of Border, Calls For Military Intervention With Drug Cartels

In a new interview with Cactus Politics, the Arizona congressman isn't happy with the current handling of the southern border

Christian Pitten
Christian Pitten
January 20, 2024

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar (R) says that “our southern border” keeps him up at night. In a new interview with Cactus Politics, the congressman from Arizona’s 9th district condemned Biden for his mishandling of the southern border. “What Joe Biden did was wrong,” Gosar said.

Gosar was in disbelief when speaking about the current state of the southern border. “We’ve had over almost 300 known terrorists that have come across the border, that we know of,” the congressman said. This number, as he explained, doesn’t even include the number of getaways that were able to escape border patrol.

As for the migrants that are coming into contact with border patrol, they seem to be getting let go. The congressman told Cactus Politics, “These people are getting judgments that say you don’t have to appear in court until 2035.”

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

The 65-year-old representative was quick to praise former President Donald Trump for his handling of the border, specifically when it came to Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy.

“You can’t tell me that what Donald Trump did wasn’t right. He did it all right,” Gosar said.

The Arizona official claims that the current handling of the border under the Biden administration is a major national security threat. When talking about President Biden, Gosar mentioned, “It [Biden’s policies] took the sovereignty of this country and put it at risk. It put the national security of this country at risk. It put every man and woman at risk.”

According to Gosar, it’s unacceptable that the US continues to fund a war across the globe in Ukraine, while the southern border continues to be a mess. The congressman said “We won’t do the same thing at our southern border,” when speaking about funding Ukraine to defend their border.

When asked if the United States should use its military to go after drug cartels, the congressman didn’t hesitate to answer. “I think it's the only way we’re gonna get this problem handled.”

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Christian Pitten

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