Kari Lake Pushes For Nuclear Energy

Kari Lake Pushes For Nuclear Energy

Lake's new domestic energy policy looks toward nuclear

Christian Pitten
Christian Pitten
December 28, 2023

Kary Lake (R) recently took to "X" condemning the Biden administration on their domestic energy stance, while offering an alternative solution in the name of nuclear energy.

“Utility rates are exploding. Gas prices are through the roof, families are suffering, & Joe Biden has America dependent on foreign countries for critical resources. The Democrat’s war on domestic energy needs to end,” Lake wrote.

“President Trump had us on the path to energy dominance, & I’m going to help him get there again,” Lake finished with. 

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Lake, who continues her campaign toward becoming Arizona’s next senator, has offered her version of what domestic energy policy should look like. Her website states, “Long-term, our energy future will come from new, safe, and clean nuclear and reactor technologies.”

While nuclear energy has often been looked down upon across the political landscape, more populist political figures such as Lake have pushed the shift toward nuclear energy.

One of these figures is Florida representative Bryon Donalds (R), who has long been a supporter of nuclear energy. Back in February 2023, Donalds introduced four nuclear energy bills. “In 2023, nuclear energy is still an under-utilized asset in the arsenal of American domestic energy production. By expressing the unique benefits of nuclear energy, we can shift the 'negative' stigma associated with the use of this safe and clean source of energy,” Donalds previously claimed.

While Lake boasts her support for nuclear energy, she also realizes it's an uphill battle. In the meantime–according to Lake– fossil fuels must be utilized to return to energy independence. According to her website, “The continued transition from coal to natural gas will generate additional reductions in the coming years… Clean, plentiful natural gas and oil are the bridges to that future.”

Lake calls out Democrats for “waging a war on cheap, plentiful American energy.” She states that “Utility rates are exploding. Gas prices are through the roof. Families are suffering. The policies of the radical left are taking a toll we simply can’t afford. There is no good reason for it. America is blessed with some of the biggest and most accessible energy reserves on the planet, but Democrats don’t want us to benefit from them.”

Domestic energy policy will continue to play a key role in the upcoming 2024 elections – both domestically and nationally.

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Christian Pitten

Christian Pitten

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