Trump Adds Venezuela to Controversial Travel Ban

Trump Adds Venezuela to Controversial Travel Ban

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
September 25, 2017

As the NFL and its players reeled over the president’s remarks about benching players who kneel during the national anthem, the White House released a statement that Venezuela was added to the already controversial travel ban.

Remember, Trump’s original travel ban targeted those states that did or were suspected of harboring radical Islamic terrorists. The new restrictions take Chad off the list, but rightfully add the corrupt regime of Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela.

 Venezuela has adopted many of the baseline standards identified by the Secretary of Homeland Security and in section 1 of this proclamation, but its government is uncooperative in verifying whether its citizens pose national security or public-safety threats.  Venezuela's government fails to share public-safety and terrorism-related information adequately, fails to satisfy at least one key risk criterion, and has been assessed to be not fully cooperative with respect to receiving its nationals subject to final orders of removal from the United States.

 There are, however, alternative sources for obtaining information to verify the citizenship and identity of nationals from Venezuela.  As a result, the restrictions imposed by this proclamation focus on government officials of Venezuela who are responsible for the identified inadequacies.-White House travel ban edict

Trump’s travel restrictions need to be seen for what they are, and not for what many individuals think they are, a full ban on travel for all foreigners.

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

Via CNN graphics, here is what the updated travel ban requires:

Venezuelan nationals can rest assured that the ban only targets those within the Maduro regime. Notice how even foreign national from Muslim nations are being allowed to enter the U.S., but only if they meet the requirements imposed by the ban.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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