Speaker Mesnard Announces Republican Committee Assignments.

Speaker Mesnard Announces Republican Committee Assignments.

Joel Andres Frewa
Joel Andres Frewa
November 29, 2016

House Speaker-elect J.D. Mesnard has announced the Republican slate of committee assignments for the upcoming legislative session to begin in January.

Mesnard also announced  Representative T.J. Shope as the Speaker Pro-Tempore, a spot which will make him Mesnard's right hand man and de-facto second in command.

A couple of highlights in Menards appointments include Rep. Anthony Kern as chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and Rep. Eddie Farnsworth as chair of the Ethics Committee. Michelle Udall earned a spot as a member of the Education Committee and Phil Lovas was named chairman of the powerful Rules Committee.

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In a somewhat vindictive move, Mesnard denied Rep. Darin Mitchell a chairmanship even after Mitchell pulled out of the Spekaers race allowing Mesnard to secure it, appointing him instead as a member of the Committee of Commerce.

While Democrat Minority Leader Rebecca Rios is expected to announces the Democrat assignments, the committee assignments for the Republicans are as follows:

Committee on Appropriations
Rep. Shooter, Chair
Rep. Livingston, Vice Chair
Rep. Bowers
Rep. Carter
Rep. Cobb
Rep. Leach
Rep. Norgaard
Rep. Rivero
Rep. Ugenti-Rita
Sub-Committee on Appropriations—Education
Rep. Norgaard, Chair
Rep. Heather Carter, Vice Chair
Sub-Committee on Appropriations—Public Safety, Infrastructure & Resources
Rep. Leach, Chair
Rep. Livingston, Vice Chair
Subcommittee on Appropriations—Health & Welfare
Rep. Regina Cobb, Chair
Rep. Tony Rivero, Vice Chair
Committee on Rules
Rep. Phil Lovas, Chair
Rep. Paul Boyer, Vice Chair
Rep. John Allen
Rep. Eddie Farnsworth
Rep. TJ Shope
Rep. Kelly Townsend
Committee on Ways & Means
Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Chair
Rep. Leach, Vice Chair
Rep. Kern
Rep. Lawrence
Rep. Payne
Rep. Weninger
Committee on Banking & Insurance
Rep. David Livingston, Chair
Rep. Farnsworth, Vice Chair
Rep. Lovas
Rep. Paul Mosley
Rep. Jeff Weninger
Committee on Military, Veterans & Regulatory Affairs
Rep. Jay Lawrence, Chair
Rep. Mark Finchem, Vice Chair
Rep. Noel Campbell
Rep. Travis Grantham
Rep. Anthony Kern
Committee on Judiciary & Public Safety
Rep. Farnsworth, Chair
Rep. Kern, Vice Chair
Rep. Boyer
Rep. Finchem
Rep. Stringer
Rep. Syms
Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure
Rep. Campbell, Chair
Rep. John, Vice Chair
Rep. Cook
Rep. Mosley
Rep. Payne
Committee on Commerce
Rep. Weninger, Chair
Rep. Norgaard, Vice Chair
Rep. Todd Clodfelter
Rep. Darin Mitchell
Rep. Shope
Rep. Maria Syms
Committee on Federalism, Property Rights & Public Policy
Rep. Bob Thorpe, Chair
Rep. Finchem, Vice Chair
Rep. Campbell
Rep. Grantham
Rep. Kevin Payne
Rep. Stringer
Committee on Education
Rep. Boyer, Chair
Rep. Coleman, Vice Chair
Rep. Rusty Bowers
Rep. Jill Norgaard
Rep. Becky Nutt
Rep. Don Shooter
Rep. David Stringer
Rep. Michelle Udall
Committee on Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
Rep. Bowers, Chair
Rep. Brenda Barton, Vice Chair
Rep. Cook
Rep. Vince Leach
Rep. Mosley
Rep. Udall
Committee on Local & International Affairs
Rep. Rivero, Chair
Rep. Clodfelter, Vice Chair
Rep. Drew John
Rep. Nutt
Committee on Health
Rep. Carter, Chair
Rep. Cobb, Vice Chair
Rep. Lawrence
Rep. Rivero
Rep. Syms
Rep. Udall
Committee on Government
Rep. Coleman, Chair
Rep. Thorpe, Vice Chair
Rep. Clodfelter
Rep. John
Rep. Ugenti-Rita
Committee on Land, Agriculture & Rural Affairs
Rep. Barton, Chair
Rep. Mitchell, Vice Chair
Rep. Cook
Rep. Grantham
Rep. Nutt

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Joel Andres Frewa

Joel Andres Frewa

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