Ducey Backs Accused Common Core Advocate DeVos

Ducey Backs Accused Common Core Advocate DeVos

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
November 28, 2016

Education reform has long been one of the hot button issues that voters and legislators across the nation have quarreled over.

Common Core, which is highly unpopular among the voting electorate, is the federal education initiative that what kids K-12 should know with respects to English and Math by the time they finish each grade.

Arizona along with 40+ other states in the union, helped developed Common Core, and was adopted by the state’s board of education back in 2010.

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The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) backed the standards, and now Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) has done what his predecessor Jan Brewer did in supporting the education standards.

Ducey has endorsed President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Betsey DeVos to lead the Department of Education.

Trump campaigned on abolishing Common Core, but some opponents  believe that DeVos is just a rubber stamp for the controversial education standards.


While she has stated that she opposed Common Core, DeVos has sat on the board of Jeb Bush’s education foundation, a red flag that many in the ant-Common Core lobby have raised.

Here is an excerpt from an opinion story posted about DeVos on the website Conservative Review:

I've already discussed what a terrible pick Rhee would have been, but DeVos is no better. DeVos fails on two key promises Trump repeatedly made to voters: "Get rid of Common Core" and "keep education local."

Like Rhee, DeVos has adamantly supported Common Core. She’s even a board member of Jeb Bush’s Common Core-supporting education foundation (and one of its biggest donors), not to mention “closely aligned to Republican education officials like Sen. Lamar Alexander” — which should give any education freedom lover convulsions. Alexander, R-Tenn. (F, 15%), of course, is the same guy who promised he was “ending the national school board” by rushing a huge federal education bill into law this spring that gives the U.S. education secretary direct, “mother, may I” control over what kids learn and when. In short, these are a bunch of nanny statists who may promise “local control” and a love for kids, but whose every effort is directed in the opposite direction.

Education reform is big business, so don't expect this issue to be swept under the political rug anytime soon.


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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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