Trump Feels Bad For Not Endorsing Ward Against McCain in Primary

Trump Feels Bad For Not Endorsing Ward Against McCain in Primary

October 11, 2016

In the first interview with Donald Trump since the second debate and the "lewd comments" tape on theO'Reilly Factor tonight, Donald Trump continued his attacks on John McCain going as far as saying he wished he hadn't endorsed him and how he felt bad for Kelli Ward.

During the primaries, Trump had refused to endorse McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan until he created a firestorm by tweeting a thank you to Paul Nehlen who was Paul Ryan's primary opponent.

The tweet gave Nehlen national name recognition and sparked controversy inside Republican circles making it seem like Trump was working actively to defeat Paul Ryan in his primary. Along with that criticism came more asking why he had never endorsed John McCain.

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

Trump eventually went on to endorse both Ryan and McCain a few days later and Nehlen lost the primary race. Now that John McCain has pulled his support from Trump, the Donald has answered in kind, pulling his support from McCain and going as far as saying:

He was desperate to get my endorsement, I gave him the endorsement ... and frankly, he ran against a very good woman, I feel very badly I gave the endorsement.

Ward, who was a candidate created by the conservative blog had a rough time taking on John McCain, and eventually lost in the primary last August 30th with McCain received 52% of the vote. McCain successfully defined her as a radical who believes in chemtrail conspiracies and was able to defeat her by pulling votes from Hispanics and other left-of-center groups in the open primary.

Breitbart's former editor-in-chief, Stephen K. Bannon is now the Trump campaign's CEO so an alliance between Ward, Trump and even Nehlen would have been likely, though potentially not very productive for the GOP and very advantageous for Democrats.

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