Sander's Receives Lukewarm Reception From Supporters

Sander's Receives Lukewarm Reception From Supporters

Stacy Damitio
Stacy Damitio
October 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders kicks off a week long slew of Democrat faces coming to Arizona campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Sanders made an appearance in the heavily Democrat cities of Flagstaff and Tucson, in an attempt to “get out the vote”. This comes on the heels of the latest polling showing Clinton up 2 percentage points in a state that has not gone blue in a presidential election since 1948.

In light of the events leading up the Democratic National Convention, some Sanders supporters are left with a sour taste in their mouths when questioned about their thoughts regarding his support for Clinton.

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

“My biggest question for Bernie would be; what did they say to [you], to make [you think] supporting Clinton seem like the right thing to do,” a millennial supporter since the primary who wished to remain anonymous said.

Sanders supporters were not aware of the new Wikileaks dump detailing the acts of columnist Brent Budowsky who attempted to manipulate Sanders voters into eventually supporting Clinton via his leverage in the media.

“I had not read about that particular incident, but I'm genuinely not surprised. A lot of major media outlets were/are supporting HRC from behind the scenes and providing biased journalism as soon as they noticed Bernie would be a contender,” the millennial supporter said.

While Sanders was in town he advocated for Arizona’s Proposition206, which would increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour, something which generally motivates Democrat voters.

He also advocated for tuition free universities and combating climate change. However, his words are not enough to sway his people’s vote to Clinton.

“As for November, there's not a single candidate worth supporting in my opinion. If I was forced to choose I'd probably consider Jill Stein of the Green Party since environmental protection is a very large concern of mine,” the millennial said.

Sander’s visit will be followed up by Chelsea Clinton tomorrow at ASU, and Michelle Obama’s visit Thursday at the Phoenix Convention Center.

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Stacy Damitio

Stacy Damitio

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