Republicans McCain and Flake Denounce Trump, Ask Him To Drop Out

Republicans McCain and Flake Denounce Trump, Ask Him To Drop Out

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 9, 2016

As more and more Republican politicians around the country turn their backs on Donald Trump, it is surprising that except for Republican Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, Arizona's entire congressional delegation refrained from condemning Donald Trump over the recently released 11-year old video where he is caught using sexist "locker room talk" to describe women.

No one is defending Trump, but his is "locker room talk" that every man has used at some point in their lives. You may not have used the "P" word but there are other ways of making the same point.

The video was released on Friday, so up until this point, mum has been the word.

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

The issue of the controversial video was the topic that moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz  opened up the debate with.

Trump said he apologized and tried to move on but Clinton saw the issue as being his weakness, and proceeded to trying to pour salt into an already open wound. Trump retaliated by bringing up President Bill Clinton's past indiscretions with women, including the illicit affair he had while in
The Oval Office.

"Mine are words, his (Bill Clinton) were actions."-Donald Trump

Trump seemed to have faired very well, possibly getting past the scandal that has plagued his campaign over the past weekend, and put Clinton on the defensive on several occasions.

In a post-debate Fox News focus group conducted by Frank Lutz, the overwhelming majority of the people in the group said that Trump sounded "presidential" and better-versed on the issues, while Clinton sounded scripted and regurgitated policy old ideas.

Now that it looks as if Trump's campaign has caught its  second wind, will those Republicans like McCain and Flake change their minds and turn out to vote for the Republican presidential nominee?

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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