Obamacare premiums in Arizona jump to 116% in 2017

Obamacare premiums in Arizona jump to 116% in 2017

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 25, 2016

President Obama legacy legislation, the Affordable Care Act of  2010, was supposed to drive drown health insurance cost for "all" Americans.

Almost seven years after the failing healthcare law was enacted, the Obama Administration announced that Obamacare premiums will be hiked up by an average of 25 percent in 2017.

25 percent rate hike!

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

The once-proclaimed "Affordable" healthcare law has ultimately become "unaffordable" to all Americans, just as many opponents of the law decried would happen. The case for the "Repeal and "Replacement" of the healthcare law has just been strengthened.

The Department of Health and Human Services could do nothing but confirm the ongoing reports that Americans would see their health insurance premiums skyrocket in the months and years to come.

Administration officials are stressing that subsidies provided under the law, which are designed to rise alongside premiums, will insulate most customers from sticker shock. They add that consumers who are willing to switch to cheaper plans will still be able to find bargains.

Yes, but who will pay for those subsidies?

That's right. Americans who pay taxes will have to pony up even more money to pay for someone else's healthcare coverage.

"Headline rates are generally rising faster than in previous years...headline rates are not what they pay."- HHS spokesman Kevin Griffis (AP)

States like Florida and Arizona, who have far more retirees, will be hit the hardest.

The average premium increase under Obamacare will rise to 116% in Arizona!

In Arizona, the benchmark plan's average premium will increase 116% in 2017. Arizona had the lowest rates of any state this year."- Asst, Dept. HHS Secretary Kathryn Martin (CNN.Money)

Blue Cross Blue Shield has already announced that as of January 1, 2017, some 44,000 Obamacare insurers would be cut from their healthcare rolls in Maricopa and Pinal Counties

What are the members of the Arizona congressional delegation saying about the news that Arizonans will have to pay more than double for healthcare covering next year?

Most of the delegation is pretty quit about the rate hike. The Democrats, who all support Obamacare have been especially stealthy.


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