AZCentral Endorsements Call

AZCentral Endorsements Call "Conservative" Ideology Into Question

Nicole Carroll
Nicole Carroll
October 17, 2016

So AZCentral, the website for The Arizona Republic Has announced their slate of editorial endorsements for the upcoming election. Aparently their editorial staff touts itself as solid conservatives, yet their endorsements reflect different.

Out of their four major endorsements, none can be called particularty conservative. Starting of course with the main event of the election cycle.

While many conservatives have refused to join the "Trump-train," most have chosen to abstain from the election or to vote third party. However no self respecting conservative would ever come out and endorse Hillary Clinton as AZCentral did, no matter the reasoning.

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

They also proceeded to endorse John McCain. Hardly a conservative endorsement, yet understandable that they would endorse the Republican in the largest state-wide race of the cycle. So we'll give them a pass on John McCain.

However, their endorsement of Paul Penzone for Maricopa Co. Sheriff flies against everything that a conservative should stand for. Aside from jumping on board the "Trump-train", there is no one in the conservative movement who would question Sheriff Joe Arpaio's conservative bonafides. Their reasonning for endorsing Penzone is weak at best.

Paul Penzone has promised to clean house, something Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio cannot (or will not) do for a department which desperately needs it. Penzone deserves the chance.

Lastly, while they did not endorse YES on prop 205, the marijuana legalization initiative, it was not because they are AGAINST legalizing marijuana, in fact, their rationalization endorses legalization while rejecting the prop.

There is merit in legalizing marijuana, but Prop. 205 goes about it the wrong way. The initiative is a money grab that puts kids' heath at risk ammong other things.


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Nicole Carroll

Nicole Carroll

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