40 Days For Life Saves 460 Babies

40 Days For Life Saves 460 Babies

Stacy Damitio
Stacy Damitio
October 28, 2016

The pro-life group 40 Days For Life came through Arizona Oct. 27 on their bus tour of all 50 states in just 40 days.

CEO David Bereit said the Phoenix rally boasted one of the most highly attended rallies of the other 39 states visited thus far, with 300 people gathered outside the controversial Family Planning Associates abortion facility at 1331 North 7th Street.

Arizona State senators Kimberly Yee and Nancy Barto spoke, along with other pro-life leaders within the state.

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“This is where the miracles happen. On the ground,” Senator Barto said.

The group orchestrates campaigns throughout the United States at abortion clinics where people gather in prayer. Bereit said since the start of this year’s campaign, they know of 460 women who chose life due to their efforts.

“We have passed 334 pro-life laws across the United States [since 2010],” Senator Yee said. “There have been 28 pro-life bills signed into law in Arizona since 2009, those 28 bills represent approximately 35 independent provisions about life.”

Some of the bills include informed consent and a bill requiring doctors to show a woman who has decided on abortion to have an ultrasound.

“When she sees those images of her baby, when she hears that heartbeat, there is an automatic connection to the mother and the precious baby in her womb, so she can turn away from that abortion clinic,” Yee said.

The bus tour which began in Washington D.C, on the steps of the Supreme Court, will end Nov. 6 in Virginia. For a complete list of locations and times, you can visit their site HERE.


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Stacy Damitio

Stacy Damitio

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