Meluskey and Ward Talk About Their Political Futures

Meluskey and Ward Talk About Their Political Futures

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 13, 2016

Two former 2016 GOP Senate candidates have a lot to say. In two exclusive interviews, Cactus Politics spoke with Alex Meluskey and Kelli Ward, and gaining a unique look at the 2016 campaign, as well as the possible political future for both of these two politicos.

Alex Meluskey, who dropped out of the Senate primary race back in July, said that he will vote for both Donald Trump and John McCain this general election.
“As a PC (precinct committeeman) I HAVE to back Republicans. I cannot support or advocate for Democrats in any way, shape or form”-Alex Meluskey
Meluskey also expressed concerned for the standing of the Republican party in the traditionally Republican state:
“We (Arizona) are not a red state, we are a pink state at best!”
On the flip side of this question, Kelli Ward, who is now hosting her own Radio show, showed strong support for Mr. Trump, but failed to answer whether or not she will vote for John McCain.
“I will be voting for Mr. Trump. This is a critical election and we are on the verge of losing our American way of life. Our 1A, 2A, & 4A rights are under attack. A Hillary Clinton presidency is bad for our country and for the world for too many reasons to elaborate here.”-Kelli Ward
Some of Mrs. Ward’s supporters have taken to social media and have openly advocated voting for Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in order to “retire” John McCain. When asked Ward if she condoned this call to action by her supporters, Ward stated the following:
“Voters can exercise their free will at the ballot box. Tens of thousands of people who supported me want real change in DC. I would never presume to tell them how to vote.”

Ward continued...

“People have asked about writing me in.  I've let people know that they can write me in; however, I let them know that I cannot win because I am not an official write in candidate. It is humbling to know that so many people still believe that we can change DC and that they have faith and trust in me to be the person to do it.”
When asked about their potential 2018 congressional candidacies, specifically a primary challenge to Sen. Jeff Flake (R),  both Meluskey and Ward stated they were “waiting”  to see what the future holds.
While neither Meluskey or Ward has ruled  out a primary challenge to Flake, both see themselves supporting a potential Rep. Paul Gosar senate candidacy.
“I haven't decided what I am going to do in my political future. Right now I am concentrating on helping Donald Trump win the presidency… I have always supported Congressman Gosar. As I mentioned in your previous question, I haven't decided what political path I might follow other than to continue to fight for the liberty and freedom that make this country so great.-Kelli Ward
“I would hope one of our great congressmen step up”-Alex Meluskey
Both Meluskey and Ward figure to be players in the future of the party, yet there is no love lost between the two former primary rivals. Read more here.
The McCain for Senate campaign did not comment on the record for this story.

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